About Kyle G. Brown

Kyle G. Brown is a journalist who has reported, written and commentated for several media outlets including the BBC, France Télévisions, France 24, CBC, The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star.

He has unearthed stories of street children in South Africa swept out of cities by the authorities and subjected to physical and sexual abuse; Mexican migrant workers lured to promising pastures in Canada only to find low pay, high rent and the economic misery they had tried to escape; elderly Canadians whose adult children appropriate their assets and clean them out; of homeless Parisians who have occupied public buildings; and a village of squatters in Denmark who have fought the government for decades to remain independent, in the middle of Copenhagen.

Kyle has a Masters Degree (MSc) in Development Studies from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies and a BA in History from McGill University in Montreal.

Much of his academic work has concentrated on the political economy of Sub Saharan Africa and on immigration and asylum. He began his journalistic career in the UK, where he worked as a reporter, radio presenter and producer, and now files stories from a number of countries for radio, television and print, specializing chiefly in social and human rights issues.



Kyle G. Brown




2011 – Present         Journalist, France 24, Paris.

2008 – Present      Writer, reporter: CBC, NPR, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Radio Canada International, inter alia (See “News Features” below)

Sep. ’07 – Mar. ’08   Associate Producer, CBC News: fifth estate. Documentary: premature deaths in Pro wrestling

June ’06 – Sep ‘07    Field Producer: France 2 documentary on Alberta’s oil sands; TV Reporter: CBC News at Six and documentary on self-governing bohemian colony, Christiania in Denmark

Freelance feature Reporter: Toronto Star (incl. exposé on agency exploiting immigrants in Canada); Globe and Mail (abuse of seniors by their own adult children)

Worked under-cover as ‘roughneck’ in the oil patch for investigative stories for CBC Radio (Syndication, Sounds Like Canada and The Current); nominated for Magazine Award for feature in Alberta Views

2005 – 2006             TV Reporter: CityNews – City TV, Edmonton

2002 – 2005             Reporter: BBC TV and Radio, incl. BBC Newsnight exposé of government-induced homelessness, World Service report on reconciling Nigerian ethnic groups. BBC London reports on asylum, youth crime, homelessness. Won CRE Award for carnival coverage

2004 – 2005             Writer, Editor and webmaster: Praxis.org.uk + reporting (as above)

2003                         Researcher: Documentary Guns and Rap, BBC 2. Investigation into proliferation of guns among UK youth and alleged link with Hip Hop

2002                         Reporter in Nigeria for Unreported World, Channel 4

Reporter–Led Current Affairs TV Documentary

2001 – 2005             Presenter & Producer: Talking Africa, Spectrum Radio, London

2000 – 2002             Reporter & Writer for West Africa and News Africa magazines: incl. features on hunger and GM crops, unsustainable debt and fair trade


  • African immigrants attacked and intimidated by South Africans following the 2010 World Cup (NPR, Toronto Star, CBC Radio)
  • Breaking news reports of the murder of far-right leader Eugene Terre’Blanche and black-white tension (CBC TV, Radio and Toronto Star)
  • Durban street children swept out of the city by authorities and subjected to physical and sexual abuse (CBC Radio, Toronto Star)
  • Women’s groups combat disease with door-to-door health care for South Africa’s poor (NPR, CBC Radio, Global Post)
  • Drug use and other dangers facing workers in the Canadian oil sands (CBC)
  • Mexican migrant workers lured to Canada only to find more of the economic misery they tried to escape (Toronto Star)
  • Elderly Canadians whose adult children steal from them and appropriate their assets  (Globe and Mail)
  • Disappearing alternative communities such as hippy colony Christiania in Denmark and a squatted castle in the Netherlands (CBC TV, BBC World Service, Toronto Star)
  • UK law denying benefits to newly-arrived asylum-seekers while prohibiting work makes many homeless (BBC 2 TV)


1999-2001                   Masters, MSc in Development Studies at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, UK

1999                            NCTJ Certificate, Newspaper Journalism at Lambeth College, National Council for the Training of Journalists, London, UK

1993-96                       Baccalaureate in History at McGill University, Montreal



2009                Magazine Feature Writing – Ryerson University

2008               Mini DV Camera Training – CBC

2006                Standard First Aid – Canadian Red Cross

2004                World Service Broadcast Journalism Course – BBC

2003                Health and Safety Course – BBC

2002                Hostile Environment Training Course – Channel 4

2002                Media Law Review – BBC


  • Strong broadcast voice and on-screen presence
  • Compelling live performance: animated and charismatic
  • Able to package stories for all platforms: radio, TV and print
  • Sharp investigative instincts; persistent and thorough
  • Strong writing skills, from news features to documentaries
  • Strong interviewing skills that get the most out of interviewees
  • Interview techniques range from engaging to pressing for answers
  • Can record and edit audio and shoot video reports
  • Bilingual: French and English, spoken and written
  • Dedicated and self-reliant, with strong work ethic
  • Energetic team player
  • Sense of humour