Kenya’s Struggle to Control its Waters

Kenyan environmental groups and local fishermen say they are finding  dead fish washed ashore, habitats damaged and equipment destroyed. So-called ‘Phantom ships’ have been entering into East African countries’ territorial waters unannounced, and leaving with more than they declare. Kenyan authorities have long lacked the meansiPhone 6 Home Button to do much about illegal... Read More

Rounded up and run out of town

Toronto Star >> DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA—With uniformed police officers standing over them, bleary-eyed boys and girls slowly get up from the sidewalk, throw their blankets over their shoulders and walk to the police truck, clearly knowing the drill. The officers herd them into the back of the wagon, where they will sit, looking out grilled windows as they’re taken to the... Read More

South Africa’s street signs, place names lead to more struggle

Toronto Star >> JOHANNESBURG – Block by block, South Africa’s street signs are changing. Afrikaans and European names like Verwoerd and Gardiner are making way for Malibongwe and KaSeme. Busts and statues of colonial and apartheid-era leaders are being replaced with the likes of those who resisted them, or died trying. Next week, politicians, academics and local... Read More