Navigating Choppy Waters in the French Art World

France’s artists, agents and representatives met in Paris to figure out how to deal with everything from budgets to the broader philosophical questions of whether art should be marketable, and appeal to paying consumers to justify its existence.   The CIPAC conference cast into sharp relief the choppy waters being navigated by today’s artists, from lone painters, sculptors... Read More

Le Bilan des Frères Ford

Je décortique le phénomène Ford pour les téléspectateurs français sur la chaîne France Ô.   L’ancien maire de Toronto, Rob Ford, ne cesse de faire l’actu.  Il faut plus que des potes criminels et des idées douteuses pour désenchanter les Torontois !    Read More

Chilean Scientists are still searching for Pinochet’s Victims

Many were “disappeared” during and after the coup of dictator Augusto Pinochet in 1973. Forty years later, thousands of Chileans don’t know where the bodies of their friends and family members were buried. Lorena Pizarro, with a photo of those still missing A dedicated scientific team is still hunting down clues, right down to the bits of bone, which they try to... Read More

Executing Their Own

As Europe marks the centenary of World War One, one of the most violent and prolonged struggles of modern history, some are still engaged in the struggle to restore their family’s honour. Cpl. Truton et sa famille, Le Parisien European armies not only went to war with each other; they also killed some of their own. The French army executed about 650 soldiers for such things... Read More


Chile’s late dictator Augusto Pinochet took power in a violent coup d’état in 1973.   For some, it hard to believe that the men who were conscripted to carry out his often bloody orders are now campaigning for compensation, 40 years on. They were forced they say, to commit heinous acts from which some have never managed to recover.  They too, were victims of Chile’s... Read More

What are the best inventions ever?

A pilot for the Discovery Channel on how a centuries-old invention is still affecting billions of people today, and how another one could vastly improve city life, if only we would let it. Click to watch this 4-minute video on why I think these are the best inventions ever. In the Hamilton bike shop debating invention Number 02            Read More

KGB Demo Reel – TV News Reports

This is a brief montage of TV news reports from CBC and City TV:  Read More

Denmark Squatter Colony Under Threat

The squatters that occupied these abandoned military barracks in the middle of Copenhagen have to prepare for battle again: against local police. Hard-right governments have been less and less indulgent of Christiania existing in some of Denmark’s most valuable real estate. This is an excerpt of a feature report that aired on CBC TV in 2007.  Read More

Nigeria: A look at the fraying edges of a country

Nigeria’s emergence from military rule is threatened by division: ethnic, economic, religious.   These are excerpts from a Channel 4 documentary which aired in 2003, looking at how those divisions are threatening the country’s ongoing experiment with democracy.  Read More

Rounded up and run out of town

Toronto Star >> DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA—With uniformed police officers standing over them, bleary-eyed boys and girls slowly get up from the sidewalk, throw their blankets over their shoulders and walk to the police truck, clearly knowing the drill. The officers herd them into the back of the wagon, where they will sit, looking out grilled windows as they’re taken to the... Read More