Streets don’t have to be a battlegound

Toronto Star >> We should not regard the horrific death of a cyclist as a one-off event to be dismissed as the act of a lone motorist. Not only have there been similarly ghastly events in the past – including the driver who, last November, used his vehicle as a weapon to permanently maim a cyclist, costing him his leg –   people’s lives are threatened by road rage on our streets every day. Every type of Toronto traveller indulges himself in one way or another.... Read More

My near-death experience

The Globe and Mail >> Lying dazed on a downtown street, I looked up at the moving clouds. As I began to focus, I saw a vast, empty road with vague figures in the distance. I had been riding my bike to do interviews for a pilot radio show. The roads were dry and the wind was with me. But as I powered ahead, one question kept nagging me: What is this van doing so close to me? It was narrowing the already slim space to the curb, leaving me with little room. Then, after pulling... Read More

Bring on the Bike Lanes

Toronto Bike Lanes Toronto Sun >> When you’re cycling in that narrow space between the curb and fast-moving traffic, and you’re hit by a truck, you tend to see the whole bike-lane debate differently. I was riding on Queen St. W. last year when a truck came from behind, ran me over, and dragged me under it for 100 metres. With a broken pelvis, leg, ribs, and profuse bleeding, I was lucky to be alive. But no one prepared me for this: Drivers who fight to deny... Read More