Bailing out insurers on backs of accident victims

Toronto Star >> Of all the bailouts bequeathed to Canadian companies, there is one of which few people are aware. It’s being considered in the recesses of Queen’s Park, and would come in the form of new automobile insurance legislation. The Financial Services Commission of Ontario, which regulates the auto insurance industry, conducted a comprehensive review that will affect drivers and passengers all over the province. Of FSCO’s 39 recommendations, one... Read More

Brain Injuries: An Invisible Epidemic

Toronto Star, TORONTO >> Kim Johnson was driving on the wide roads of Mississauga with her 14-year-old daughter when a sports car coming from the opposite direction drove over the median, hit her Honda Civic, and spun it off the road and into a nearby parking lot. At first she was aware of only the obvious physical injuries, including whiplash and a cervical spine disk herniation. (Her daughter suffered mild bruising from the seat belt.) But it wasn’t long before she realized... Read More