Rounded up and run out of town

Toronto Star >> DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA—With uniformed police officers standing over them, bleary-eyed boys and girls slowly get up from the sidewalk, throw their blankets over their shoulders and walk to the police truck, clearly knowing the drill. The officers herd them into the back of the wagon, where they will sit, looking out grilled windows as they’re taken to the police station. Read More  Read More

When the Canadian Dream Dies

Toronto Star >> CALGARY, ALBERTA – Two gangly men in their early 20s walk Calgary’s suburban streets carrying large plastic bags. Luis shakes a Coke can empty before chucking it in, then looks for another. It’s not what he and his cousin Pedro planned to do when they left Saltillo, a city of 600,000 in northeastern Mexico. They were told they would be able to send plenty of money home to their families. But after the remittances, they have so little left... Read More